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The most important field of confusion What is Quantum Physics?

Introduction of Quantum Physics: It is now easy for us to understand some things related to our Universe.. like the moon stars, the sun’s setting, the Milky Way’s appearance, and the planets’ shining. It has been taken but has not been easy to understand and explain. So read our article till the end because in this powerful article ORS TUBE is here to provide you with a piece of full information about What is quantum Physics?

One such field of Confusion is Quantum Physics, which is used in our daily life and continues to be used in the universe, but it is still considered very difficult to explain, but if you are interested in physics and If you want to know about this difficult topic of Universe, then definitely read today’s post completely.

What is quantum physics?

Quantum physics is that part of physics in which very small particles like molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons are described. Quantum physics was one of the most important and interesting theories of the 20th century. It is also called quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

When and how was quantum physics discovered?

On 14 December 1900, Max Planck laid the foundation of quantum physics. By doing research on blackbody radiation, he hypothesized that light and other electromagnetic radiation, instead of a continuous flow of energy, move in the form of small packets of energy. Planck was also awarded the Nobel Prize for establishing quantum physics. This hypothesis created a stir in the physics world and Einstein explained the photoelectric effect using this hypothesis.

Small packets of energy described by Max Planck are called quanta. The energy of each quantum is fixed and depends only on the frequency of the light. Its formula was (E =hv) where h is Planck’s constant and ν is the frequency.

How is क्वांटम फिजिक्स used in our daily life?

  • The toaster in which you bake bread has been made only because of क्वांटम फिजिक्स.
  • The entire computer world is based on क्वांटम फिजिक्स, that is, if क्वांटम फिजिक्स had not been discovered and scientists had not understood it, we would not have computers today.
  • Mobile phones are also the gift of क्वांटम फिजिक्स.
  • We have transistors, microscopes, and lasers only because of क्वांटम फिजिक्स.
  • Digital cameras and Light Emitting diodes (LED) are also related to क्वांटम फिजिक्स.
  • Quantum physics also has a hand in making telecommunication easier.
  • Quantum physics has also invented the GPS (Global Positioning System) which has become a necessity today.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has also become possible only because of क्वांटम फिजिक्स.
  • The nuclear power plant is also a gift of क्वांटम फिजिक्स.

What are the important concepts related to क्वांटम फिजिक्स?

What is Quantum Physics

Concept 1 – Dual Nature –

Everything in the universe.. is in the form of particles and waves, that is, everything in the universe remains in the form of particles and waves at the same time. This means that according to quantum physics, every object in the universe has some properties of particles and some properties of waves. In this way every object appears as a particle and a wave at the same time i.e. a quantum particle electron.. it is a particle as well as a wave at the same time

Concept 2 – Uncertainty and Probability –

Uncertainty and Probability are very important parts of Quantum Physics. Very small particles are found in the quantum world i.e. particles like atoms, electrons, and photons, and the probability of any event happening in this world is not 100% i.e. any event can happen anytime. Apart from this, it is also not possible to know the exact location of quantum particles i.e. when which particle will be in which situation, it cannot be known with surety i.e. the situation and location of the particles remain uncertain.

Concept 3 – Quantum Entanglement –

Quantum entangled particles are particles whose properties are entangled with each other. In such a situation, when any action is done on one particle, then the other particle is also affected by that action. This action continues even after increasing the distance between the two particles. Its effect is so much that even if 2 entangled particles are on 2 different planets, even if action is taken on one particle, the other particle will definitely be affected.

Such a complex and unseen world of क्वांटम फिजिक्स.. seems difficult to accept and it was not easy even for the great scientist Einstein to accept it. But according to scientists.. this world actually exists and all the experiments related to it get their response you have already come to know the importance of this quantum world in our daily life because of the phone Or are you able to watch this video on a PC.. that too is the gift of this quantum physics.

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