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How to Become a Car Racer? Advanced Racing Classes, Carrier Options, and How to pursue license Complete case study

Introduction to How to become a Car Racer:

Who does not like to play sports if a great career can be made in any sport like How to become a Car Racer then what to say? Youth want to join such sports and if passion is also associated with any sport, then such sports bring a bright future for that player. One such game is the game of becoming a car racer which has a lot of adventure, thrill, risk, and passion.

So read our article till the end because in this powerful article ORS TUBE is here to provide you with a piece of full information about How to become a Car Racer? So that all the queries related to becoming a car racer are solved and you understand that to become a car racer, what stages you have to cross and what kind of preparation you have to keep.

The complete process of becoming a car racer –

To become a good car racer you have to go step by step-

Try to drive go kart-

First of all, it is important to know whether car racing is suitable for you or not, and the best way to know this is to try driving a go-kart. A go-kart is a small racing car that has a skeleton body and is lightweight. By driving it you will know whether car racing is the perfect option for you or not.

If your experience of driving a go-kart is good, then understand that the time has come to be serious about moving forward in this field, that is, now you should get ready to enter the field of car racing.

Find your nearest race track –

To become a good car racer, you have to practice on the race track, so find your nearest race track so that you can join the races there and start new experiences.

Keep in mind that in the beginning be a part of kart racing rather than car racing because buying and maintaining a race car is very expensive and you are still in the learning phase so buying or renting a kart will be affordable.

Join Racing Class –

Even if you perform well in the kart races, if you want to become a professional car racer, then for this you should join a racing class so that you can learn the skills and strategies of a good driver.

Do more practice-

Just attending car racing classes will not be enough. Along with this, you will also have to practice a lot of car racing only then you will be able to get practical knowledge. Practice regularly for this.

Study race car driving

To become a car racer, you must be practicing, but along with that, if you start watching books and videos related to car races, then it will be very easy for you to understand the nuances related to this game, which will also be visible in your performance.

Do not miss taking advanced classes at all –

Taking car racing classes once does not mean that you have understood all the necessary things related to it, so to perform better than the best in this, definitely take advanced classes and keep improving your skills continuously.

Do workout

To become an expert in car racing, not only will you have to increase your racing skills, but you will also have to start a workout session that includes workouts like running, swimming, and weightlifting. Train your body like a professional athlete. Apart from this, it is also very important for you to be mentally strong to become a professional car racer.

Now it’s the turn of the competition

Now it’s your turn to be a part of the race competition. For this, you have to take membership in Sports Car Club so that you can be a part of competitions related to car racing.

Now have to get a race car –

Till now you may have practiced with a kart but now to be a part of a car race you have to buy a race car. Before buying a race car, take the opinion of an expert because these cars are different from ordinary cars and only if you have a perfect race car, you will be able to participate well in any competition.

For this, you can take an old and small car because even though you will participate in the race, you are still in the learning phase. In such a situation, old cars like Mazda Miatas and Porsche 914 will remain affordable.

You can also rent a race car. Whether you take a car on rent or buy an old car. Keep in mind that it must have safety equipment like a roll cage and a five-point seatbelt.

And before the race, check that your car has all the necessary gear and all the safety equipment like a fireproof racing suit, fireproof helmet, fireproof gloves, fireproof shoes, and fire extinguisher.

You will also need a license to be a part of car racing –

To get a license, you must be 18 years old and you must also have a civil driving license. After this, you can select the application form by visiting the website of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI). Before submitting the form, read the necessary instructions related to it thoroughly.

To make a license for track racing.. You must be a member of a club listed in FMSCI because you cannot apply directly to FMSCI to make a license, but your license can be made only through these clubs.

Become a Car Racer

Join a sponsor or team-

After all that hard work, when you start becoming successful in car racing competitions, it is time to join a team or sponsor. Apart from this, also include a mechanic in your team who can fix the issues related to your race car immediately.

After performing well on the race track, you will be ready to be a part of big competitions and thus your dream of being popular and successful like famous car racers will also start running on the right track.

Organizations and institutes related to motorsports in India-

Motorsports (2-wheeler and 4-wheeler) have been a sport in India for the last 6 decades but in the last few years there has been a boom in this sport and today it has become a popular sport in India. The Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) controls motorsports in India and implements guidelines and technical regulations for the events organized by different clubs.

Which sectioned sporting events like Formula One (F1). Apart from this, there is another association in India called the Motorsports Association of India (MIA) which is a member of FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile).

Many competitions related to car racing are now happening in India like Indian National Rally Championship (INRC) and here you will easily find institutes providing courses related to car racing. Like Meco Motorsports Pvt Ltd Chennai. Momentum School of Advance Racing, Chennai. and Rayo Racing, Pune. In competitions related to car racing, you can also think of joining a rally like Raid de Himalaya which is the World’s Highest Rally Raid.

Names of India’s Top 5 Motorsports Personalities –

  1. Narain Karthikeyan,
  2. Karun Chandhok,
  3. Armaan Ebrahim,
  4. Aditya Patel,
  5. Gaurav Gill.

If car racing is seen as a career, if you become a successful car racer, you can easily earn lakhs of rupees, but to keep moving forward and win in this game, you have to be passionate, skilled, and ready to take risks. . Apart from this, there is a need to be financially strong to bear the expenses associated with it as it is an expensive sport.

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