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Interest of the day How to Become a Car Designer | कार डिजाइनर कैसे बनें | Qualifications | How to join Automobile industry

Introduction (JAI HIND):- How to Become a Car Designer If you also like the car very much and you do not only think about making new designs of the car but also make many sketches, then it is certain that you have an interest in the car and maybe you are in the field of car designing.

Want to go but maybe you don’t know much about it. ORS TUBE is here to support you trust me this will be a golden opportunity because it is a highly profitable, Mind Tuch Ideas in the whole world. What kind of education and skills do you need to acquire to become a car designer?

How is the car designed?

Even if you think that designing a car is a very easy task and this work is completed by making only a few sketches, it does not happen at all. Designing a car is teamwork in which it is first decided what kind of car is to be designed. A sports car or a family saloon or an SUV?

Once the pattern of the car is decided, further work is handed over to the engineers and designers and the designers work on three core areas – the exterior looks of the car, the interiors, and the color and trim selection. And when car designers create a perfect design by creating basic sketches and detailed 3D images with the help of CAD (computer-aided design)

Then it becomes easy for the engineers to work on that design and after a process, the brand new car comes into the market. So you see, becoming a car designer does not mean just making sketches, but it is a work of deep research, hard work, and creativity, so first of all understand your talent. If you have the creativity that a car designer should have, then you can think of choosing this field as a profession.

What are the qualifications and skills required to become a car designer?

कार डिजाइनर कैसे बनें

Must clear 10+2 –

First of all, you have to clear 10+2 and if you score well in maths from school itself then it will be very easy for you because accuracy is very important in car designing and for this, it is necessary to have command over maths.

Bachelor’s degree is required-

To become a car designer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in automobile designing, so after 10+2 take a bachelor’s degree in automobile designing. By doing this you will get to learn about automobile mechanics and vehicle dynamics. During this, you will also be taught to work on tools like CAD software.

After doing this course it will be very easy to get job options as a car designer. If for some reason you miss taking admission to an automobile designing course, then you should not miss taking admission to an industrial design or industrial engineering program.

You can take admitted to many institutes like The Design Village, Noida, Karnavati University, Gandhinagar, Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Uniteworld Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, and MIT Institute Of Design, Pune for a Bachelor of Automotive Design course.

Get Masters Degree in Car Designing –

Car designing is a specialized job in which perfection is compulsory, so to understand the nuances of this field better, you should take a master’s degree in it. Doing this will also increase your chances of getting a higher position in your job. Still, if you have a master’s degree in industrial design, aerodynamics, or industrial engineering, then this degree can also increase your chances of progress.

There are also many good options for a master’s degree in automotive design in India like

  • The National Institute Of Design, Gandhinagar,
  • MIT Institute Of Design, Pune,
  • Kings Cornerstone International College, Chennai,
  • School Of Design Studies -the University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies, Dehradun,
  • Industrial Design Center – IIT Bombay, Mumbai.

Do internship-

While pursuing Bachelor’s and Masters’s degree your main focus should be to build your portfolio and for a perfect and impressive portfolio you should do an internship so that you can get a chance to learn skills from experienced professionals in car design, you can understand the car industry in a better way And also prepare a perfect portfolio.

Be technology friendly-

Today, if only a paper pen is used to design a car, then your speed will be very slow, whereas by using the latest software, you will be able to complete your work in a new way and very fast, so you will need tools related to car designing like Must learn to work on CAD i.e. Computer Aided Design software.

If you want to learn Aesthetics Designing then some of the popular software are – Alias, 3Ds Max, and blender….and for technical designing, you can learn to work on this software – Solidworks, Creo Parametric, Inventor, AutoCAD, and Catia.

It is important to stay updated-

As of now, there are not many job options in car designing jobs, so it is very important to be advanced and updated to grab your desired job. For this, you can also do online design courses and by taking the help of social media, you can also make your car design accessible to many people. By doing this, you will not only get feedback, but the good response received on social media will also help make your portfolio better.

How to Become a Car Designer With Full Information

How to join the Automobile Industry –

To join the automobile industry, you should submit your designs to get published on the Automotive Publications website and magazines and get the credit for your designs in your name. Apart from this, you should attend more and more car shows, where you will be helped in building your network, due to which good job options will start coming to you.

As much as there is excitement in car design, it is equally risky because it is not so easy to get a good job in this field. Yes, if you are passionate and maintain a good portfolio.. then you can take a perfect job for yourself in time, but if you do not stay updated and keep rejecting other offers while waiting for the perfect job opportunity, then it can be risky. That’s why you should step into this industry once and then open your way ahead with your skills and creative ideas.

As far as the salary of a car designer is concerned, it depends on your company and your experience. Still, as an estimate, the annual income of a car designer is around 7-8 lakh rupees.

If you are sure about your dream of becoming a car designer and follow this process well, then you can become a car designer and who knows! You become so famous in your favorite field that like famous car designers like Filippo Perini, Marcello Gandini, and Shiro Nakamura, you too can make a name for yourself in the car designing industry.

Note (JAI BHARAT):- So friend this way you can simply start your beautiful, melody business and earn money easily

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