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Complete Details about How to Start a Dry Flower Business in a Smart and Cheap Manner?


Introduction:- Do you most like a garden or guarding? If Yes then, You are at the Right platform because you can convert this beautiful hobby into your smart business at a very low investment with a highly profitable scale business today we are going to provide full details about How to Start your own Dry Flower Business in a very dynamic manner.

If you think about How and What type of business is this then don’t worry ORS TUBE is here to support you trust me this will be a golden opportunity because it is a highly profitable business in the whole world.

Every year there are millions of dry flowers are exported from India. Japan, the USA, UK Europe, Russia Cannada, China, Australia, and more than 27 countries are imported dry flowers from India. India is the largest exporter of dry flowers in the export-listed countries because India has a large variety of dry flowers.

If you are confused about whether Dry Flower Business means only dry flowers then it’s not only this but it also includes dry stems, seeds, and buds mean and it also includes parts of plants not only Dry flowers.

Then What is the main use of dry flowers? that question comes into your mind. then I will tell you, gentleman

  • Handmade Paper
  • Lampshades
  • Candle Stand
  • Wall Decorations
  • Cards
  • jute bags
  • Photo Frames
  • Boxes Frames

That is why high and good quality dry flowers have a large demand in the world. You can achieve a desirable income from the beginning of this business. And you can simply operate this golden business from your home. So in this case you must have to know more and more things about this high scaling profitable evergreen business

Important Steps to Start a Dry Flower Business in a Smart and Cheap Manner


  • Prepare a Dry Flower Business Plan

You may have a question raised in your mind what is the need for a Plan for this business? only for selling flowers, unfortunately, you should not have to think like that because business is business, and a business plan is the first primary step that can make a High level to your business if you make your flan in an easy and smart way. So as the same you should have done in this business

This means you should have to add all the legal and convenient details of your business plan

  • Cost of your Startup
  • Ongoing Cost
  • Target market
  • Target market
  • Company Name
  • Product Name
  • Tag Line
  • Product Price
  • Product Quality and Quantity

Here Ongoing costs mainly depend on whether you are going to grow your dry flowers by yourself or you are going to buy from somewhere

According to the target market, you should have to focus and search such locations that work for the production or selling of

  • Handmade Paper
  • Lampshades
  • Candle Stand
  • Wall Decorations
  • Cards
  • Jute bags
  • Photo Frames
  • Boxes Frames

Because they have probably required Dry Flowers.

  • Do Market Research

It may be you are gardening for a long time or you are a new one in this field. In both cases, you must have to understand the behavior of the market because both are very different from each other. That’s why you should have to research the demand for dry flowers in your local market first, the Competitors of your business in that market, and how they are doing their business.

You should have to know all these factors of the market so that you can take unique action for your business.

  • Explain well How to make dry flower

If you are going to grow dry flowers plan by yourself. Then you must have to well know and understand the techniques of growing dry flowers. But if you are going to buy this from any wholesaler for selling purposes then you have to learn the techniques of making dry flowers because a deep knowledge of your business makes it higher in ranking.

You should have the skill of well selecting the flower crops, Drying techniques, growing techniques, Harvesting techniques, Packaging Techniques

Selecting the flower crops

It is the most important part of this business hence you should have to know which flowers lose their ornamental value after drying and don’t select them. You should have to select everlasting plants that easily can grow and simply can be dry without losing their ornamental values For Example

  1. Dried Roses
  2. Dried Sun Flowers
  3. Dried Lotus
  4. Cotton Flowers
  5. Lavender Flower

All these Flowers have a very high demand in the market

Harvesting techniques

Harvesting is commonly varying according to the harvesting Species hence you should have to know the harvesting stage of your flower crop. The Flowers Crop that is Harvested in a Fully open area dries faster and the tight bud or half-open harvested flower crops take much time to dry

Drying techniques

There are many techniques used in drying ornamental plants For Examples

  • Air Drying
  • Press Drying
  • Embedded Drying
  • Oven Drying
  • Glycerin Drying
  • Freeze Drying

Hence you must have to select the right Drying Techniques for your flower crops. After the drying of flowers by the above-mentioned technique, you can simply pack your flower which can be sold at the market

Packaging Techniques

Nextly you should have to keep in mind that packaging plays a vital role in the presentation of dry flowers. Hence extra care is required during the packaging of the dry flowers. Protect them from each damaging stage of packaging and delivery

  • Obtain Registration and Licenses

You should have registered your business in that you can run your small or medium business which may be

  1. A Partnership firm or Proprietorship firm
  2. GST Registration
  3. MSME or SSI Registration
  4. Products Under Compulsory Certification
  5. Trade License Registration
  6. Trademark Registration


  • Find Out How Much to Invest

You can start this business in very short land space by creating a good garden. Approximately 1.5 Lakh money is required to invest at starting of this business and if you properly work with the right business plan then you can earn 25,000Rs – 35,000Rs/month. And this income will be increased with your business growth. And if you are going to start this with your home requiring little area then this investing amount may be reduced.

  • Set Company Name and Product Price

If you keep a simple name for your company then it becomes simple to remember your customers. With this, the approach of your customer will be increased toward your business hence don’t put a complicated name it should be simple and catchy.

Before setting the price of your dry flowers. you must have to observe the trending price of dry flowers in the market and set your selling price of the dry flower according to the local market. You can simply Announce an exclusive offer to your customer to attract them easily means you should do advance and unique things to your customer to attract them

  • Promotion of your Business

If you want to reach more customers in a very short time then you should have to make your Website, Youtube Channel, Social Media Accounts, and Pages. You also can sell it from your retail shop.

Note:- So friend this way you can simply start your beautiful, melody business and earn money easily

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