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Top 5 list of Best Cloud Storage Platforms in the World Wide


Selection of the Top 5 Best cloud storage Platform providers is difficult. But don’t worry about that because in this guide Ors Tube is here to provide you with the Best Top 5 list of cloud storage 2023 Platform cost, safety, and collaboration features, covering personal cloud storage and business file storage solutions.

Welcome to Ors Tube’s Big Updates 2023. There are many sites and youtube channels that regularly provide content about the review and updates about Cloud Services but here am going to drive you in deep with my personal experience because competition between big corporations has increased and that time much has changed.

The Best Cloud Storage for 2023

  1. Dropbox: Most pick for cloud collaboration
  2. Microsoft OneDrive: Best cloud storage service for Official integration
  3. Google Drive and Google One: Top pick for integrated apps and students
  4. Drop Galaxy: Great for bulk storage and security
  5. MediaFire: Best cloud storage-online backup hybrid
  6. Dropbox: Best pick for cloud collaboration
  7. MEGA: Excellent free cloud storage with Strong security
  8. Very Files: Best pick for large storage and also for long periods of time
  9. Top cloud storage pick for sharing, versioning, large files, iPhone, and more
  10. pCloud: Top Best online storage pick for Windows, Mac, Linux, and music

Now we have personal research data about the above-listed top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services 2023 which will be discussed below including how cloud storage works and the Advantages & Disadvantages of using cloud storage.

1. Dropbox

The top pick of the cloud storage service provider, Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service provider that is frequently used for various defined or non-defined purposes like collaboration and File Sharing. Dropbox is also available in an application format that is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux desktop operating systems, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

The user data is stored on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) and protected with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Advanced Encryption System (AES) 256-bit encryption.

Top 5 list of Cheapest Cloud Storage 2023

It provides free storage of up to 2GB and 100 GB on various for-fee plans. The 350 GB free storage for Teams provides by dropbox.

How much does Dropbox cost?
  • The cost for a free trial Plus is $11.12 per month
  • We can get a yearly subscription for $99.99
  • For the professional is $27.81 per month.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

The second most selective cloud storage platform is Microsoft One Drive services which is the default online storage and syncing service for Windows and Microsoft 365 and offer a wealth of powerful features, as well as apps for all major platforms. OneDrive data is covered by “advanced encryption, compliance, and other enterprise-grade security features.”

onedrive is the Best cloud storage Platform

It provides free storage of up to 5GB on various for-fee plans. Some smartphones and PCs add free OneDrive storage.
How much does Microsoft OneDrive cost?
  • $6.99-per-month Personal subscription for 1TB
  • A $9.99-per-month Home subscription includes 6TB (1TB each for six users)
  • $1.99 per month for 200GB Storage in One Drive
How to Use Microsoft OneDrive?
  1. Install the Microsoft OneDrive application on your device.
  2. Create an account if you don’t already have one
  3. After logging in, you can see your OneDrive storage window.
  4. You can now upload files of up to 250GB in size
  5. You can share any files or folders stored in the OneDrive cloud
  6. Paid OneDrive users can password-protect shared files as well as set expiration times for sharing
  1. Excellent interface
  2. Clients for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
  3. Well-integrated with Windows and Microsoft 365
  4. Strong online photo presentation and management
  5. Powerful file-sharing and collaborative editing
  6. Device Syncing
  7. Folder and File Syncing
  8. Personal Vault
  9. Folder Backup.
  10. Synced Microsoft 365 Collaboration
  1. Less free storage than some competitors
  2. Doesn’t back up all folders on the drive

3. Google Drive and Google One

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provider platform that offers users that they can easily log in with their Gmail account and get a free 15GB Cloud storage service where they can store their files, Folders, music and their document, and much more. And user can access their google drive uploaded data from any device with the Internet and also can share a large file with others easily.

 google drive

It provides free storage of up to 15GB on various for-fee plans. If you want more storage then you can pay for that otherwise you can use another Gmail account to get more than 15GB of Space
How much does Google Drive cost?
  1. Only $1.99 per month to get the 100GB plan and 20$/Year
  2. Only $2.57 per month to get the 200GB plan and 30$/Year
  3. Just $9.99 Per Month to get a 2TB Plan and 100$/Year
  4. 49.99$ Per Month to get 10TB of Storage Space.
  5. 99.99 per Month to get 20TB of Storage Space.
  6. 149.99$ Per Month to get 30TB of Storage Space.
  7. The number of devices: Unlimited.
How to Use Google Drive?
  1. You must first create a Google account.
  2. Then log in with your Google account
  3. After logging in, you can see your Google Drive storage window.
  4. Where you can also get access to other Google services, such as Gmail and Google Docs, etc.
  5. You can also download its mobile app to keep your photos updated.


  1. Number of devices: Unlimited
  2. Excellent collaboration tools
  3. Great integrated apps
  4. Generous free storage
  5. Easy to create an account and use.
  6. You can collaborate in real-time.
  7. Google Drive is the best cloud storage for students and free users.
  8. The Google Drive website’s interface is fairly intuitive.
  9. You can easily upload and share your data with others for free
  10. It is easily compatible with mobile devices as well as System devices


  1. No zero-knowledge encryption
  2. Privacy concerns

4. Drop Galaxy

DropGalaxy is a powerful file-sharing, a File Storage platform that offers 300GB of Free Cloud Storage Space only just by creating an account on drop galaxy. With DropGalaxy, you can host files, images, videos, audio, and flash on the same platform.

You will be rewarded for every single view and traffic brought to them as well as referrals and sales. And one more personal experience about drop galaxy is that it deletes your data after 90 days of first downloading.

The Best Cloud Storage for 2023

It provides free storage of up to 300GB on various for-fee plans. If you want more storage then you can pay for that otherwise you can use another Gmail account to get more than 300GB of Space.
How much does Drop Galaxy cost?
  1. If you want to be a free user then you can simply download, and share your file with limited access, and the validity of uploaded data will be 1 day.
  2. If you want to be a registered user means simply you have to create your account on drop galaxy and then signing to get 300GB of Cloud storage space. Your Uploaded data link will expire 60 days after the last download.
  3. If you want to be a premium member of drop galaxy then you get full access to drop galaxy cloud storage by paying the required money for a particular period of time to get 5000 GB (+more on request) and your uploaded data will expire on 90 days after last download your membership pricing is mentioned below:
  • 1 Day= 5$
  • 7 Days= 20$
  • 30 Days= 50$
  • 90 Days= 100$
  • 180 Days= 200$
  • 365 Days= 300$

There are multiple payment options through which you can simply pay and extend your account as per your requirements.

How to Use Drop Galaxy?
  1. Create your account by using your Gmail Account.
  2. You will simply get 300GB of Cloud Storage space for free
  3. Simply select your data file or folder and upload it directly or you can also use drag and drop your data file even if you want to edit your file name then you can do this here.
  4. After uploading your data you can manage your data into a folder and simply share your large file data with anyone with the downloaded link.
  5. One more important thing is that you also can earn money for each download.


  1. Number of accounts: Unlimited
  2. The user interface is very simple to use.
  3. By just signing you get 300GB of Free space.
  4. Data backup is also available.
  5. Link sharing is easy and smart.
  6. You can modify your account theme as you like.
  7. You can collaborate in real-time.
  8. You can easily upload and share your data with others for free
  9. It is easily compatible with mobile devices as well as System devices
  10. Folder Backup.


  1. Your uploaded data will be expired 60 days after the last download for registered users
  2. Your uploaded data will be expired 90 days after the last download for Premium users


The above top-listed best cloud storage service provider is literally mentioned but I personally recommended that Drop galaxy is the best option for your large file access and storage because it provides 300GB of Free space. And one more important Cloud storage service provider is Veryfiles which provides 120GB of Free space for a user that I have not mentioned above.

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